The Four Types of Critique

I wrote this post way back in 2011 after a group of colleagues and I had a conversation about critiquing. Back then, I published it on a blog that applied to modeling and photography. I am reviving it here with some minor modifications, since it applies just as well to being a creative and working in general. Enjoy!

As I see it, there are four different types of critiques: the “Unhelpful”, the “Unicorns and Rainbows”, the “I’ll Do Your Job For You”, and the “Constructive”. I have been at the receiving end of all four of these kinds of critiques, from the time I was a kid taking art classes after school and well throughout my career. I’ve also been on the delivering end of most of them. As a creative, critique is unavoidable, but I think as a working adult it’s unavoidable as well. Learning about these four types of critiques can help more than just the creative person you happen to work with, and you’ll realize you likely criticize more than just a designer’s work. Continue reading “The Four Types of Critique”