Post Share: Going Business Casual on a Budget

I mentioned that I fed a lot of my creative energy into style blogging, and I did for quite a few years. One of my favorite posts was based on a real-life scenario a friend dealt with at work. With a single day’s notice in the form of an email, her office went from yoga-pants-and-sneakers casual to strict business casual. Not an easy taskĀ for someone who’s spent years in a casual environment.

She reached out to me for both a sympathetic ear and some ideas on how to quickly and cheaply snag some key pieces to start transitioning her wardrobe so that it was a better fit for the new dress code. I gave her my ideas and then started thinking about taking what I told her and making it into a blog post. After months of working on it, I was able to publish Going Business Casual on a Budget. Continue reading “Post Share: Going Business Casual on a Budget”